WED 2020

World Environment Day

World environment day [WED] is celebrated annually on 5th June. The defining feature of this campaign is to raise awareness in population regarding the significance of a healthy environment and to address various environmental issues. These issues include climate change, biodiversity protection, resources depletion, and even ensuring the survival of all beings on earth. Moreover, protecting the environment to every possible extent. World environment day has grown to  become the flagship campaign in raising awareness on various environmental issues, with a participation of 130+ plus countries across the globe.

WED 2020


World Environment Day [WED], also popularly known as Eco Day or World Environmental Day was declared in 1972 by the United Nations (UN) general assembly on the inauguration of  the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment. Two years later, in 1974, the first WED was held with the theme “Only One Earth”. In spite of the fact WED campaign was held every year since 1974, the idea of  selecting different host countries came in action in 1987 with a view to make the host country become the centre of all activities.

Significance of WED

Environment is the complex of all physical, chemical, biological factors which act upon an organism ultimately determine its form and survival. Each element of environment is equally vital for the survival of any species.

The advent of industrialization and modernization have adversely affected our environment. Increase in carbon emissions due to deforestation and ridicule consumption of fossil fuels have contributed to climate change more than anything. To tackle these problems and ensure  survival of our environment WED came into action. The celebration on 5th June is followed by a week full of discussions and activities including global fairs.

Every year countless environmentalists, NGO’s, politicians, celebrities and individuals take part in this campaign to raise awareness in public and take necessary actions to create a better and sustainable environment. A number of festivities, including international exhibitions, sub campaigns, debates, fairs are held in this following week. It inspires government to create and implement policies which encourage Eco friendly business models to save the environment. Further, the Government and independent NGO’s plan several cleaning activities in different areas to improve cleanliness and quality of  environment. These cleaning activities are generally followed by raising awareness in public to not litter their localities and step forward to assist government in creating a cleaner and greener  environment.

Schools and colleges are also major participants in this campaign. Numerous art exhibitions, workshops are carried in which the students have to make something usable by using waste materials like ice- cream sticks, small pencils and newspapers. Slogans like recycle and reuse are highly promoted in these exhibitions. Countless poster making, essay writing competitions are held on this topic.  Small parades and cleaning activities are carried out by students in their vicinity. Presentations and acts  are presented  to students to make them aware of environmental changes and what measures they can take to create a better environment for themselves and for future generations as well.

World environment day 2020

Ever since the first time world environment day was celebrated, every year a different theme and a host is selected. The theme for WED 2020 is “ Celebrating biodiversity”  and the host this time is Colombia in partnership with Germany. Colombia being one of the most megadiverse nations on the planet. The term Biodiversity is the sum of all life forms on different levels ranging from genes to entire ecosystems. Every species has a special purpose and survival of each one is equally  essential.



The whole idea of world environment day is to create a clean and disease free environment not only for humans but for all beings on residing on earth.

We humans have been misusing this planet for years. Every year thousands of species go extinct because of human interference, cyclones and tsunamis wreck entire cities leaving mass number of people homeless. People are suffering from countless diseases because of breathing polluted air and drinking polluted water. Glaciers are melting which in turn is causing water levels to rise, threatening all humans living on shores. Humans are leading this planet towards destruction, we have left no possible future for our upcoming generations.

One should always strive towards improving the current environmental condition. Minimising the use of fossil fuels, saving water, and planting more trees are some easy measures one can easily take . Only our strict and cohesive actions can retransform this planet into a better place because as someone said “ This planet is not ours,  we have borrowed it from future generations”.

Slogans on World Environment Day  

“East or west going green is the best .”

“Don’t be mean go green .”

“Make every day earth day .”

“Plants can survive without humans but humans cannot survive without plants.”

“Being green is my dream .”

“Save earth,  this is the only planet with girls .”

“Connect with the world wide web of life. “

“Waste water today , live in desert tomorrow.”

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