Durga Puja


As we know, that everybody has different beliefs and practices. Which could be based on their religion, culture, or tradition. People practice different cultures and follow different God and Goddess and devote themselves to them. They pray, to them for the betterment of their life and their dear ones. The ideology of praying is not different for all. But the difference is in the way they choose, like In Hindu religion there are many Gods and Goddesses, in the Muslim community they pray to Allah, etc. In Hindus, all the Gods and Goddess are having different characteristics on their own, which is in the belief of Hinduism.

One of them is Durga Puja, as the name is itself sufficient to introduce about this festival, it is related to the warrior Goddess Durga. Durga puja is one of the most famous festival in Hindu religion. Specifically in the South Eastern region of India and some parts of northern India.

Where it is celebrated

Durga Puja which is also known as Durgotsav and Navratri, is celebrated by the people of West Bengal, Orissa, Tripura and Assam. Along with these regions in the country of Bangladesh and also in Nepal where it is celebrated as Dashain.

When it is celebrated

Durga puja traditionally held for 10 days in the month of Ashvina, in the seventh month of Hindu calendar. Durga Puja begins one the sixth day of Ashwini Shukla paksha, and ends on the tenth day of Ashwini Shukla paksha.

Background of Durga Puja

It is mentioned in Indian mythology that Durga was the daughter of Himalaya and Menka, later she became sati to marry Lord Shiva. It is told that this puja is started, when Lord Rama worshipped her to get powers to kill Ravana


Durga puja, is celebrated by Hindus as an annual festival, to show their love and devotion to Goddess Durga and Lakshmi. It is celebrated for 6 to 10 days in different parts of country. In North India it is celebrated as Navratri.

The story behind the celebration of the Durga puja, according to Hindu Mythology is as follows,

A demon name, Mahishasur was set out to wage war against the gods and goddesses and it was called out up to Goddess Durga to slay him and protect everyone. She began to fight on the seventh day which is named as mahasaptmi till the tenth day called as vijyadashmi. Basically, Goddess Durga is known for the killing of devils to protect the ‘dharma’. So her image consists of ten hands holding weapons as well as a lion on which she is sitting. Along with this Goddess Durga is also known by the name Bhavani, Amba, Chandrika, Gauri, Parvati, Mahishasuramardini and many more. She is known for ‘the protector of the righteous’ to Hindu devoties.


Durga Puja is a festival which is full of performing rituals. The fest began with Mahalaya, where devoted people requests and pray to Goddess Durga to come back to earth. On this day the they make eyes on her idols called Chokku Daan .After the establishment of idol of Goddess Durga they perform rituals to bless her presence in the idols of saptami. These are called as pran pratishthan , then a small banana tree took to the lake for bath , in saree, and treated as it carries Goddess Durga’s holy energy.

During the festival devotees prayer maa Durga regularly and perform aarti for 10 days in order to make her happy. On the ninth day, the worship is completed with maha aarti. It is a symbol of the ending of the rituals. On the last day it is assumed as Goddess Durga goes back to her husband’s dwelling and then there was a immersion in the river.


Hindus celebrate Durga Puja, via worshipping their deities, they have a get together with families and social gatherings. They do shopping and exchange gifts, along with this the visit pandals and enjoy cultural events. This is very enthusiastic festival, which includes dance and songs in its celebration, decorations and pujas along with ceremonies in the Temples.

Significance of it

Durga puja is observed as a 10 days fast and devotion specifically on South Eastern India. It signifies the victory of truth over lies and good over evil. It shows that it doesn’t matter how big the devil is , but how much trust you have on your truth and ‘dharma’.

As Durga Puja is a festival which signifies the victory of truth over lies and good over devil. So its celebration teaches us some of the moral values which all of us should possess for the betterment of mankind. For example we should always speak truth, always choose the right path, we should not hust anyone, we should not kill god’s any creatures, also one should not hate anyone because of the difference in caste or colour or religion, because we all are children of the same God.


People celebrate this festival irrespective of caste colour or financial status. Durga puja is a traditional festival which includes traditional dance, music, celebration and traditional food. All the workplaces in West Bengal and the area where people celebrate Durga puja, remains close. In several places in the UK, USA , Australia and France, etc. Established a new wave of celebration. This festival shows how good always wins over evil and so we should follow the right path. We should love each other and try to cooperate, even in the adverse conditions we should try to maintain peaceful environment. One should  not be egocentric but polite. Along with this the only way to this is, that we should consider everybody’s point of view and do not ignore or underestimate anyone. We should give equal respect to everyone. We should maintain the dignity ,of mankind and  humanity. Along with this one should not hurt the environment and all those who are dependent on it. Specifically birds and animals, as they aren’t so intelligent like a human but do possess respect as a creation of God.

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