Australia Day Wishes Quotes Greeting Messages for 2017

Australia Day Wishes Quotes Greeting Messages for 26 Jan 2017

Australia Day Wishes Quotes Greeting Messages for 2017


Australia is a beautiful country that attracts millions of visitors each year. Popular tourist destinations like Sydney and Melbourne offer visitors world-class sightseeing.Australia is a wonderful place, whether it’s the The mysterious pink waters of Lake Hillier or The crystal-clear diving waters of the Piccaninnie Ponds or The vistas and overlooks of ‘The Great Ocean Road’ Australia seems to be the most beautiful place.
Australia Day is more than just a public holiday. Whether you’re in the city, on the coast or in a regional area, there are lots of events that celebrate everything that’s great about being Australian.In towns and cities there are community breakfasts, beach parties, corroborees and concerts, parades and pageants, sporting events, cultural and historic exhibitions and fireworks displays.

AUSTRALIA DAY Wishing Quotes:

  • I love a sun smart country,
    A land where cricket reigns,
    where green and gold singlets are
    adorned with red sauce stains.

    I love her sense of mateship
    I love her diversity
    Her beaches and her bull dust
    They all spell home for me.
    Happy Australia Day.

  • I come from a land down under,
    for we are near the bottom of the Earth.
    But who says the world begins above us,
    I wonder?
    But who really cares what it’s worth..

    Well, I am the one who cares,
    For the nation I’d shed a tear.
    For it’s the nations colours I wear.
    To me, the world begins here.

  • Happy Australia Day Wishes

  • G’Day Oz !!

    It’s a g’day to commemorate
    The First Fleet ‘s arrival in 1788
    So slip an extra shrimp on the barbie,
    Open some tinnies and party hearty.

  • A Down Under Special Day…

    Happy Australia Day to those of you way down under,
    Nice to happen when it is warm and summery it is,
    Hope my calendar is right or I did make a big blunder,
    Just thought it nice to send to all we know down there,
    A big happy hug to celebrate their special day, bet though they wonder…?
    How do they know in the frozen north?
    That Australia day is kinda like our fourth,
    We celebrate with barbecues and fireworks,
    Having off from work that day is a definite perk…
    So I just wanted to send along greetings and say,
    Happy Australia Day to my friends down under,
    I do send you a virtual rose bouquet,
    And hope that you have a wonderfully happy day…

  • This is an old land
    For ever nurtured and nourished
    by the spirit of the Rainbow Serpent.
    The land of the Darug people,
    Of the Darginung and the Dharawal,
    The Gundungurra and the Guringai.
    An old land.
    This is the new land of the convict and the refugee,
    Of the European settler,
    Of the Asian and the African,
    The American and the Islander.
    It is the golden hope-filled land.
    A hope-filled land?
    This is the silent sun-baked land
    Of the gibber plain and granite outcrop
    Of the waterhole and the rain forest
    Of native title and pastoral lease
    Of skyscraper and empty reservoir.
    A golden land?
    This is a land battered and blackened by bush fire
    But look! a land of grass trees green-shooting
    in the still dark-smouldering ashes;
    Of wildflowers in the sun-heat-blighted desert
    And of cities glistened smog-free by an autumn wind.
    A sacred land!
    This is the Dreaming land, the land of spirit ancestors
    Of campfire and corroboree, of rock art and cave painting
    A land of mosque and temple, of prayer book and philosophy text
    A land of tribal elders and politicians.
    And how slowly we have learnt, 60,000 years slowly, how to live with this land
    And how slowly we have learnt, 200 years slowly, not to abuse this land
    And how slowly we are learning, day-by-day slowly, how to share this land.
    We who are black of skin, and white and brown and yellow
    And sunburnt pink
    Native and newcomer
    Blue-eyed and brown-eyed and black-haired and fair-haired
    We will live in harmony in this land
    Because this is the Land of the Rainbow Serpent
    And we are the Rainbow People.

    Australia Day Wishes Greeting Messages for 26 January 2017

    This is not easy to understand
    For you that come from a distant land
    Where all the COLOURS are low in pitch –
    Deep purples, emeralds deep and rich,
    Where autumn’s flaming and summer’s green –
    Here is a beauty you have not seen.
    All is pitched in a higher key,
    Lilac, topaz, and ivory,
    Palest jade-green and pale clear blue
    Like aquamarines that the sun shines through,
    Golds and silvers, we have at will –
    Silver and gold on each plain and hill,
    Silver-green of the myall leaves,
    Tawny gold of the garnered sheaves,
    Silver rivers that silent slide,
    Golden sands by the water-side,
    Golden wattle, and golden broom,
    Silver stars of the rosewood bloom;
    Amber sunshine, and smoke-blue shade:
    Opal colours that glow and fade;
    On the gold of the upland grass
    Blue cloud-shadows that swiftly pass;
    Wood-smoke blown in an azure mist;
    Hills of tenuous amethyst. . .
    Oft the colours are pitched so high
    The deepest note is the cobalt sky;
    We have to wait till the sunset comes
    For shades that feel like the beat of drums –
    Or like organ notes in their rise and fall –
    Purple and orange and cardinal,
    Or the peacock-green that turns soft and slow
    To peacock-blue as the great stars show . . .
    Sugar-gum boles flushed to peach-blow pink;
    Blue-gums, tall at the clearing’s brink;
    Ivory pillars, their smooth fine slope
    Dappled with delicate heliotrope;
    Grey of the twisted mulga-roots;
    Golden-bronze of the budding shoots;
    Tints of the lichens that cling and spread,
    Nile-green, primrose, and palest red . . .
    Sheen of the bronze-wing; blue of the crane;
    Fawn and pearl of the lyrebird’s train;
    Cream of the plover; grey of the dove –
    These are the hues of the land I love.

    Happy Australia Day…..

  • Australia Day Wishes Quotes Messages

  • Hold your cranium high let the world know you are arrogant to be an Australian. Happy Australia Day to all.
  • Let us remember the blonde tradition of our realm and feel conceited to be a part of Australia. Happy Australia Day to all.
  • Grasp Your Head lofty; Let the whole World recognize that you are superior and treasure this land With All Your spirit Happy Australia Day to all.
  • In Australia, not appraisal poetry is regularly a general pastime. Happy Australia Day to all.
  • Australia is concerning as far absent as you can obtain. I am similar to that. Wishing you Happy Australia Day to all.
  • God saves the emperor. God protects New Zealand and be grateful Christ for Australia. Happy Australia Day to all.
  • Australia Day Wishes Quotes Greeting Messages

  • I do not think of myself as Either American or Australian actually, I am a factual mixture. It is a superior Thing for Me Because Both of Them is actually first-class Countries.
  • I am an Australian liberated born and gratis bred, where I concede no man as my greater, excluding for his own attraction, or as my mediocre, apart from for his own.
  • 26th Jan is no longer a community vacation November 2nd will be a novel nationwide vacation but only in England, it will be call unable to make up your mind day.
  • I sense so swollen with pride to be a fraction of the generally prevailing motherland in the world.
  • I guarantee to be an excellent resident of my fatherland in the greatest of my abilities.
  • Happy Australia day to all my brothers and sisters with vigorously.

Australia day is one of the famous events where we feel proud to be an Australian. On this day, we remember an unforgettable history that gives us chance to express love for Australia country. People celebrate it in the form of national day and take it like an event every year. The day holds several reasons behind it that make it special for each Australian. Australian gather and find new ways to have a good time Australia day. Here, Australia day messages 2016 will help to promote the unique occasion.
Go scroll down and find an ultimate collection of Australia day quotes 2016. Now, send best wishes and greetings to all loving people with heart touching words. We hope Australian will appreciate our efforts and like to share among their circles. Choose a best time to collect beautiful thoughts and spread on social media as well as mobile. Give an evidence to be an Australian and send Australia day greetings 2016 to all known people. Update your status and fill it again with the best wishes of Australia day celebration feelings.
This year planned Australia day celebration with different manner and welcome amazingly. Preparation has been start from now at several places. We will not behind and give a wonderful gift to Australia by saying best wishes 2016 for Australia day.

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